Thanks to everyone who has come out recently!  By now, we’ve had our “warm-up” events and are feeling confident about our menu, particularly the kimchi tamales.  We’ve gotten so much great feedback from folks who stopped by our booth and tried our goodies at the last New Taste Marketplace and Homegrown Marin Market.  We’ve had loads of fun experimenting with new ideas too – everything from miniature tamales to ginger-spiced horchata.  Now it’s time to play with the big boys.

That’s right… next Friday, April 22nd, we will have our first of many appearances at the weekly mega-street-food-fest, Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center in the city.  It’s going to be awesome (and perhaps a little scary too).  Yes, this will be our biggest gig yet, but we’re ready to rock it!  If you have a chance to stop by Off the Grid, I highly recommend it.  It’s a great opportunity to sample the some of the best street food San Francisco has to offer.

There’ll be about 30 different vendors selling food from trucks and tents, and you can even buy artisanal beer and cocktails provided by Magnolia Pub & Brewery and Alembic Bar.  I went this past Friday and tried an amazing cocktail with bourbon and dill-infused maple syrup… so good!

Stop in and see us!

Monchi Foods @OtG: Fort Mason
Friday April 22nd

We hope to see you there!